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We want to empower our customers to make healthy decisions for themselves.



Francois and Iraimi Diatta are the owners of Empower Nutrition, a protein shake and power tea business that opened in October of 2019. Working as online fitness coaches and visiting nutrition clubs gave them the motivation to open the very first nutrition club in Brockton

“Because we really value health and fitness through online coaching, transformation challenges  and visiting smoothie shops, we got inspired. We thought “Hey, why not? Let’s do this in Brockton”. We noticed that people were really focused on getting healthy in Brockton but they didn’t have a healthy fast food option. So, this location, in Brockton, connects to a lot of different cities and a lot of people commute past our shop daily.

The toughest part of running a business in 2022 is trying to have something for everybody. We know that what we offer is not for everybody. There’s a specific customer that we’re going to be attracting but we also found that we’re attracting customers that we would never think would come and consume our protein smoothies and power teas. It’s amazing because those are the ones that have been consistent since day one, the ones we wouldn’t think.

When we talk about appealing to everybody, some people have certain allergies so yes, we can serve people with a gluten allergy because 90% of our products are gluten-free. Yes, we can help anybody with peanut allergies, too.



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We want to empower our customers to make healthy choices for themselves. We offer a wide range of nutritional options including wellness coaching, personalized wellness plans and the ability to purchase our products for home or on the go. We invite you to come visit us to learn more about how we can help you reach your goals.



We believe that community matters, that’s why we prioritize giving back. Since opening our doors in October of 2019, we have sponsored numerous charitable campaigns including helping to raise money through donations for energizing and immunity teas to be delivered to front-line workers. Local area doctors, nurses, grocery workers, police, and firefighters benefitted during COVID-19 pandemic. We also hosted events like Teacher Appreciation Day and discounts to college on our healthy combos. We look forward to finding more ways to support and uplift our community.